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2009-07-16 02:51:31 by InvisibleObserver

I'm not into blogging of any kind, or self promotion really, but I'm posting for the purpose of knocking off my last outdated post so that this one can take its place, making old news not seem like my most recent.

I bought myself a drum machine recently, its my first peice of hardware* and it was only $35 from a friend. :)

*Excluding computer/piano/microphone of course.


2009-03-11 14:22:18 by InvisibleObserver

Recently I started a music project which will be featuring lyrics which is a big first for me. To make it more interesting though, its sample based mainly. So I've taken this hour long sermon by a preacher named "Paul Washer" sampled a number of quotes, cut out bits and peices to fit my needs, and I'm essentially setting it to a beat and whatnot, with neat stretching/stutter effects and the likes.

Heres 1:46 of it so far, rather sloppy but nice anyways.


The main synth is a looping drone sound from a bagpipe with a bit of reverb and delay.

Other artists and sound effects will be included for additional flavor. If anyone reading this thinks something may fit in as a sample, leave a comment, I'll probably use it if you put some thought into it.

Account Creation

2009-02-10 17:58:28 by InvisibleObserver

I just deleted tons of computer waste and accounts that I am no longer using. Made a new email and shifted everything onto it, and made a new Newgrounds account. My other two are usernames I never was satisfied with (Jimpy was taken), so I've settled for Invisible Observer. Plus the other accounts seem to be signed up to email accounts that don't exist which is frustrating.

Cleaning up being done, I'll be submitting loops and songs that are near completed only, as well as some experimental flash videos in the near future.