Facebook page and new song

2011-07-03 18:15:01 by InvisibleObserver

I've uploaded a new song to Newgrounds titled: Frustration.

I've also setup a facebook page for myself since a fan did... and did a poor job representing me. So I'm correcting that.

Invisible Observer on facebook.

As per usual I can also be found on Band Camp as well as on Sound cloud.

I'm working now on my first purposefully created album, conceptually will consist of dance, glitch, and atmospheric elements.

Facebook page and new song


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2011-07-06 07:17:16

Hey man, I like it! Interesting mix..

InvisibleObserver responds:

Kind sir!


2011-07-16 15:10:35

Your philosophy on responding to reviews is agreeable.

InvisibleObserver responds:

I keep an eye out and attempt to say something beyond disengenuous recognition. Often I'm probably investing more time in my responses then the original commentators given the bulk norm of Newgrounds, but for those who are keen I think it becomes a reciprocal communication. :)