Significate Epitome

2011-03-04 23:44:43 by InvisibleObserver

I've made my song Significate Epitome available for free at bandcamp. The quality is way higher then what it is able to be here on NG given size restrictions.

Significant Epitome (At bandcamp)

Just enter in "0" for the payment and you can download and be on your merry way. Though I would appreciate if you "Like" it.

Significate Epitome


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2011-03-07 04:56:35

Wait, what? That is AWESOME! :D (been listening to this non-stop for a week now :D)

InvisibleObserver responds:

You rule. Tell all your family and friends. :P


2011-03-23 02:34:07

im going to listen to your songs and weed out the ones im going to add to my favs

InvisibleObserver responds:

Might I recommend the newer stuff? Some weird things here audio wise that are dated.


2011-06-01 05:30:47

Very thrilled to have this!!! Great song to listen to while programming.
Thank you for making it available for free. :] (Liked it, and Shared it!)

InvisibleObserver responds:

Awesome to see enthusiasm and word of it being spread some. As already mentioned, I am working on piling more content together.