Rocks Don't Lie

2010-12-05 17:18:29 by InvisibleObserver

I have released my first album "Rocks Don't Lie" at bandcamp. It is down-tempo and ambient in nature, and the amalgamation of my early, refurbished works.

The album is free to download in its entirety with the option to pay what you want, if you want. No account, email or registration necessary (I won't be hassling you).

I'll encourage those of you who like it to pass it on to friends with similar tastes, it helps me out quite a bit.

Rocks Don't Lie


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2010-12-05 17:21:13

Great music man!

I really liked Apples. Still working my way through the rest of the stuff.

Other things that don't lie:

george bush

InvisibleObserver responds:

Haha, I giggled. Thanks for checking it out. :) All free to DL (singularly or as an album) and send to everyone you know.


2010-12-05 19:30:46

Wow great stuff so far. I just listened to a good amount of it and I have to say it's quality stuff. I'll give a real proper playthrough soon. I really liked how the style kept changing and evolving from song to song, yet it had a similar feel.

My personal favorites so far were:
Rocks Don't Lie - 3
Or on that Matter

Also you're quite a graphic designer if you did everything on your bandcamp. Great work :)

(Updated ) InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks Sine, I've tried awfully hard with my mixing and mastering to keep things sonically similar, despite a fair bit of variation in song style. Quite relieving to hear its being heard as cohesive.

All graphic art done by me, on NG too. Its a good skill in this realm.


2010-12-05 23:12:46

Amazing music. :D I really enjoyed Apples. I like that video game feel a lot of the songs have go'n on.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Apples is a popular piece among my friends. So many jokes have been made about "Make a song called peaches.... watermelons... strawberries..." etc.


2010-12-06 14:10:25

Wow! You got me hooked on your first track already! Definitely going to give this a good listen ;)

InvisibleObserver responds:

Eat up the visualizer for improved listening experience!




2011-02-02 14:44:11

I've had the album play as background music while working quite a few times, and I still love it. Great work sir.

The track "Whats in the Metal Box" makes me nostalgic a bit. I remember when I was a complete noob and made my first track in FL studio, not realizing there were synthesizers and stuff. I used one of those stock samples in there, which I recognized in that track. I'm talking about the sample you bring in through a low pass filter at around 0:57. Fun stuff.

Anyway, keep up what you do, for it pleases my ears. :3

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks Mich for leaving a comment, glad you've enjoyed the album.

The nostalgia-ness of the album is virtually inevitable... its all so aged/dated. FL-Presets ahoy. Can't wait to have more newer stuff up.


2011-02-03 13:26:48

Just random surfing on Newgrounds and then found you, your music is amazing man! I'm checking out for more stuff.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Nifty and dandy. Danfty.


2011-02-17 00:05:14

Holy Shit lol, 18 minute long track xD

(Updated ) InvisibleObserver responds:

Definitely needing a break from the long stuff. Go gabber-house!


2011-02-21 16:56:48

I love your music man, keep up the experimenting! :)


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