Focus on Production

2010-08-18 17:29:13 by InvisibleObserver

New audio up: Building

As of late I have been reading various texts on recording practices, mixing, mastering and various tools used with each. I have been receiving aid from Gravey to help fill in gaps not covered by the reading, as well as to ensure what I've read is being applied properly. This has in my mind been purely beneficial for the quality of my audio at a very rapid rate.

I've also updated my user page graphics.

Focus on Production


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2010-08-18 21:14:46

sick man wonderful track

InvisibleObserver responds:

Much appreciated.


2010-09-26 10:44:12

Perhaps I should read some texts. Building sounds so much like Zelda at the start with the xylophone like noises and the ambience!! Really good stuff.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Getting text books on the subject while seemingly dry, has been purely beneficial.


2010-10-09 14:39:01

Age Old Q was the shit man. Keep it up

InvisibleObserver responds:



2010-11-18 02:10:55

Comment on my newspost.