2010-03-31 03:15:39 by InvisibleObserver

Frigid I feel is the best representation of my music to date. Decent mix and a huge array of effects and styles all wrapped together smoothly transitioning.

And here is a picture of me trying to look serious.



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2010-03-31 04:14:00

Nice work. You really do to have your own unique style of music.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thank you Cloud Eater.


2010-03-31 11:25:19

Your picture almost fails. almost

InvisibleObserver responds:

It could be worse, it could be anime. ;)


2010-03-31 14:13:07

wow, that was definately miscellaneous. And good; I like it.
Transgeneric is a funny word.
You shouldn't try to look serious, it don't suit ya.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Transgeneric is a film term for movies that essentially draw upon conventions from two or more genres. Its a much more accurate term for describing Frigid's genre then misc, since misc suggests it doesn't have aspects of definable genres.

However of course, misc is the one on the genre listing to choose from. :P


2010-04-02 17:27:56

what kinda headphones r those? i use grado sr80s

InvisibleObserver responds:

Hp95 Apex oducts.asp?id=1379&cat=3&type=11

Really enjoying them so far, though they are a little heavy-mech-warriorish.


2010-04-02 20:01:56

awesome music i love it a lot:)

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks a bus load. Feel free to PM me your darkest secrets.


2010-04-03 17:25:40


I'm so not joking either. ;-)


InvisibleObserver responds:

Eye hart jew.


2010-04-24 23:15:50

You left some pretty harsh words for me in Cave Swirl. Super Trance was the first thing I made in FL Studios while I was learning music production and theory. So yes it is very amateur sounding...but again it was the first piece of music lol.

Here's a tip for you. Don't be so quick to bash music. Try to see what the musician was going for and then offer ways to help them achieve the best sound. That's how you grow and help others musically.

(Updated ) InvisibleObserver responds:

I always do a background check, I knew what I was saying. If you'd like in the future PM me and I'll continue to review so you get a developing stance from me. With that in mind you can gain a point of reference for comparison of my views on music.